Honda Civic Hybrid 2012-2015 Inverter and DC/DC Assembly

Inverter and DC/DC Assembly for Honda Civic Hybrid 2012-2015

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Free Shipping. No Core Fees. We are now carrying the Inverter and DC/DC Assembly for the Honda Civic Hybrid 2012-2015. These parts have been meticulously rebuilt and tested for your peace of mind. They come preassembled with the DC/DC, inverter, and computer for easy installation.

Free Shipping. No Core Fees. We currently have up to a 10 business day estimated build time on this product.


  • Cell Type?
  • Shipping Weight25 lbs
  • Dimensions24"W 14"H 18"D

  • I want to commend the people at Bumblebee batteries. They friendly and knowledgable people not only called me on a Saturday, but they were tremendously helpful in getting my hybrid battery up and running. The power from this battery really needs to be felt, not described. My 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid has new life, and the return process for the old battery was quick and easy. Thanks for making this an enjoyable experience. This battery is definitely a quality product!


    – Mark M., Ohio

  • I just wanted to let you know that I had my new BeeMax battery installed this past Friday, and it’s lovely to have the spring back in my car’s step! I even noticed that it went into Auto Stop a couple times on my way back from the shop, which it never used to do in the cold. Thanks very much for all of your help throughout the buying process – great doing business with you!


    – Brian P., Marlborough, MA

  • Wow! Received my new pack on Monday, installed it today. No matter how much you read about what a difference it makes, you just can’t imagine it, you must experience it for yourself. It really puts life back into the car. I can now get up to highway speed quickly which is rather important as I pull out of my driveway directly onto a major US highway. I can’t seem to get the big grin off my face.


    – Kent D., Arkansas