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Hybrid battery replacement - know your options.

Hybrid car owners tend to love their cars, especially the fuel economy. But the prospect of having to replace your hybrid battery can be worrisome. The good news is, with the right replacement battery you can not only add many years of life to your vehicle, you can actually improve its power and performance, thanks to advancements in battery technology.

Whether you go to the dealer or buy a refurbished battery from a third-party supplier, being informed first makes all the difference.

How do I know if my IMA battery needs replacing?

If you notice your IMA light on (Integrated Motor Assist), especially if the check engine light is also on, that is a strong indication that your IMA hybrid battery needs replacing, although this is not necessarily the case.

To know for sure you will need your "P-codes" read (engine diagnostic or "fault" codes)  from the on-board computer. Most chain auto parts stores such as O'Reilly, AutoZone or Champion, will do this for free (except in California).

P1447, P1449 or P1433 error codes generally mean your battery has 10% or less of its original capacity remaining. Since the IMA battery deteriorates slowly over time, it can be difficult to identify the gradual loss in performance. Other than the IMA light, you may notice strange behavior with your IMA system, such as your battery gauge suddenly going to empty or full, or your hybrid system fails completely but the car runs fine otherwise.

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Can IMA hybrid batteries be repaired?

The high voltage NiMH battery found in most hybrids manufactured before 2010, such as the 1st generation Honda Insight and Honda Civic Hybrid, is made up of 120 individual “D” cell batteries connected in series. These are not the everyday “D” cells that you could buy at a store. They are industrial strength, able to withstand both the very high charge and discharge currents the car demands and also the harsh automotive environment.

Many aftermarket suppliers and even dealers will sell "refurbished" batteries in which only the individual faulty cells are replaced with new cells, making it uncertain when the non-replaced cells will also fail. In addition, not all cells are the same quality, which means you could end up buying a battery with mismatched cells with varying discharge rates, making its performance and lifespan unpredictable.

Rather than rebuilding or refurbishing the batteries with cells that are of unknown origin and dubious quality, at Bumblebee Batteries we feel it is better to simply replace all the cells with brand new high-grade cells. This brings your vehicle back to peak performance and provides you with the best overall performance and longevity.

But, even new cells from the same manufactured batch have slight variances in voltage, power density, and capacity. The more variance, the less "balanced" your battery will be and the less performance and longevity you will get from it.

To solve this problem, Bumblebee Batteries utilizes a proprietary ultra-precision testing and matching technology. Our software analyses the exact electrical characteristics of each cell and with 16-bit precision to create a perfectly balanced set of up to 120 cells. The result? The best performing, longest-lasting, and most dependable replacement hybrid battery you can buy.

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