Hybrid Car Battery Replacement FAQ

Why should I buy from Bumblebee Batteries?

At Bumblebee Batteries, we're on a mission to bring hybrid car owners peace of mind and lasting value by delivering products, services, and support that meet uncompromising standards of quality and genuine personal care.

Everything about our BeeMax™ line of replacement hybrid batteries was designed to give our customers the highest performance, longest lasting, most dependable battery possible. We do this by using only 100% all-new premium cells, superior manufacturing standards, advanced assembly and rigorous testing.

We believe in empowering hybrid car owners with straight answers and detailed information so they can make the best decisions and get the most value from their hybrid cars. Our standard 3-year warranty and no-questions-asked return policy were created to make replacing your hybrid battery as stress-free as possible.

We want every customer to feel elated by their experience with us. We promise to operate our business with integrity and care for the quality, value and support our customers receive. In the event of a problem, we will make it right or refund your money. Guaranteed.

In addition to our uncompromising service ethic, we are committed to environmental responsibility. From advanced regenerative testing equipment that conserves energy to comprehensive recycling of materials in all aspects of our company operations, Bumblebee Batteries is dedicated to supporting people and the planet.

As hybrid car owners ourselves, we know the technology inside and out, and are happy to answer questions, make recommendations and walk you through your options before you buy. Just give us a call at 888-968-5005 or use our handy contact form. We're here to help!

What is the Core Deposit?

When you purchase your new hybrid battery from Bumblebee Batteries, a fully-refundable “core deposit” will be added to your order and charged during check out. This amount will then be refunded back to your credit card once we receive your old battery back.

Your new battery will be shipped in special reusable packaging that allows you to easily return your old battery back to us. The shipping cost covers both the shipping of your new battery to you, and the return of your old battery back to us.

How difficult is it to install the battery? Can I do it myself?

Yes, you can install the hybrid battery by yourself. In fact, most of our customers choose this option and are surprised how simple it is. However, it does take time and you should be reasonably comfortable using basic tools.

We have created a comprehensive video that walks through the battery installation process for a Honda Insight. You can watch the video here.

If you have questions, just give us a call at 888-968-5005 or use our handy Contact Form.

How do I return my old battery?

When you purchase your new hybrid battery from us, a fully-refundable “core credit” for your old battery in the amount of $500 will be added to your order at checkout, in addition to a shipping fee based on your destination state, originating from Oregon. The shipping fee includes both the shipping of your new battery and the return of your old battery.

We ship your new battery in special reusable packaging with a pre-paid shipping label for your old battery. Simply unpack your new battery, put your old battery into the same box with the provided pre-paid label, and send it back. Once we receive your old battery, we will refund the core credit back to your credit card within 3 business days. It’s that easy!


To receive your full core credit, your old battery must be packaged using ALL original packing materials that were provided with your new battery!

What if I'm not comfortable installing my new battery myself?

Not a problem! We have a growing network of authorized partner service centers throughout the continental United States. When you place your order, we will happily recommend one and ship your battery there, or we can ship to another service center or mechanic of your choice.

Just drop us a line at 888-968-5005 or send us a message from our contact page.

Do you sell hybrid battery cells or sticks individually?

Yes. You can find them on our Accessories Page.

However these come with only a 30 day DOA warranty, and no support will be provided. This should only be attempted by those with experience working on hybrid batteries. They typically come in matched sets of 20. We can sell them individually, but they should not be mixed with old OEM sticks.

We can also supply you with untested OEM sticks. These are as removed from a core.

Please keep in mind, these cells age at different rates, and using mis-matched cells may make your battery’s performance deteriorate at a rate higher than normal. The battery pack is as strong as the weakest cells. Therefore, the lifespan of the pack will be affected whenever some of the cells are not working optimally. This is why we generally recommend replacing the entire pack with a new one containing all new, balanced cells such as our MAX-IMA™ battery.

I saw a cheaper hybrid battery advertised online. Why is your product more expensive?

As the saying goes, "You get what you pay for." At Bumblebee Batteries, our goal is not to offer the cheapest product, our goal is to provide the highest quality, best performing, longest lasting hybrid battery replacement for our customers.

Our premium quality batteries are priced substantially lower than what you would pay going through your dealer. Our cells feature 25% more plate surface area, enabling higher capacity and power output than the factory-installed hybrid battery. Thanks to advancements in manufacturing technology, our battery assembly is able to be wound tighter, fitting more plate material into the same industrial D-cell battery case.

The positive and negative collectors have been redesigned to allow for approximately 50% more weld points between the plates and the collectors. The negative collector is welded to the battery case, rather than just pressure contact. These improvements allow the highest capacity and lowest internal resistance of any hybrid battery cell on the market!

Here are five reasons why we believe the BeeMax™ battery from Bumblebee Batteries is the best value available.

We realize some vendors are out there willing to sell "refurbished" replacement batteries with lower-grade components and testing methods. We are not willing to do this because we don't believe our customers should have to roll the dice when it comes to the quality of an investment as important as your car's hybrid battery.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping originates from our service center in Portland, Oregon. Depending on your delivery state, a flat fee for shipping will be added to your order, ranging from $125 to $345. The exact amount will be shown during checkout, once you have entered your shipping address.

Note that the shipping fee includes both the shipping of your new battery and the return of your old battery.

Do you ship internationally?

Our current shipping locations are:

  • United States, including Alaska and Hawaii
  • Canada