Here Are Five Reasons to Choose the BeeMax™ Hybrid Battery from Bumblebee Batteries.

Introducing the BeeMax hybrid battery from Bumblebee Batteries

If you are like most hybrid car owners, you are fiercely loyal to your energy-efficient vehicle and want to do all you can to keep your Honda hybrid humming quietly down the road for years to come. Compared with owners of conventional Hondas, one of the unique concerns hybrid owners face is finding a solution when it comes time to replace a car’s original hybrid battery. Enter the BeeMax hybrid battery.

Like most things in life, the old adage, “You get what you pay for,” rings true when you start shopping around for a new battery to replace your aging one. You’re likely to discover a wide range in prices when you start shopping around for a new hybrid battery, but do you really want price to be the deciding factor when it comes to replacing a part that is as valuable to your Honda hybrid is the battery pack? In a word—no.

Choose Wisely, Choose Quality

Bumblebee Batteries makes the BeeMax™ high performance IMA battery using a high-quality production process coupled with the latest NiMH manufacturing technology. Our goal isn’t to churn out the cheapest battery for Honda hybrid owners with quality that approaches that of the original battery. Instead, our goal is to provide customers with a battery that is better than the original at a fair price representative of of the longevity customers can expect.

Rather than selecting your next hybrid battery by shopping price, a BeeMax™ performance IMA battery gives you the best overall value. This means you get the highest performance, most dependable, and longest lasting hybrid battery available, based on many years of Honda IMA battery-specific research, with refinements over the decades, based on actual operational experience.

Our batteries use 100% certified brand new cells, designed, tested and proven to be significantly better in performance when compared with any OEM Honda battery out there, new or used.

Still need convincing? Here are the top five reasons your battery decision should be an easy one:

1. You know for certain what you are getting.

Replacing your Honda hybrid battery can be a daunting task. It can be difficult to know where to begin and it seems a new battery replacement business springs up on the Internet every month.

At Bumblebee Batteries, every product we sell goes through our rigorous quality control process, from sourcing components to final assembly. Other battery sellers often use low-grade components and assemble batteries as quickly and cheaply as possible, with few quality control checkpoints in place, all in the interest of maximizing profits and moving product out the door.

Our testing procedures are among the best in the business and we follow up with top-shelf customer care. We believe quality control extends beyond the manufacturing process to ensure customer care meets the highest standards as well.

2. We use only premium components.

There’s a reason we don’t try to be the cheapest battery choice out there. Instead, we focus on offering the best overall value. To us that means a battery that is truly high-performance, dependable, and long-lasting. To achieve this, we only use carefully sourced parts, using only certified cells and other battery components.

A new battery is only as good as the sum of its parts. Other manufacturers use refurbished battery packs, replacing only the bad cells. At Bumblebee Batteries, we select only the highest-quality premium components including all-new cells, because we understand that the true cost of a battery is measured in its longevity.

3. Our customer service has a proven track record.

You don’t want to risk an investment as important as your Honda hybrid’s next battery with a fly-by-night organization where you’re nothing more than a dollar symbol.

When you invest in a BeeMax™ battery from Bumblebee Batteries, you are getting more than just a battery. You are getting uncompromising service and support from a Better Business Bureau accredited organization, completely committed to ensuring you are satisfied long after we make the sale. We not only set ourselves apart from the rest due to our high-quality products, but with our dedication to providing the best customer service possible.

4. A 3-year warranty is standard.

When you shop for your next hybrid battery based on price, you are bypassing a more important factor: value. Value means your BeeMax™ hybrid battery comes with a three-year standard warranty.

We don’t cut corners by offering a one-year warranty or no warranty at all. Instead, every BeeMax hybrid battery we manufacture comes with a three-year warranty as a standard feature. Your peace of mind is highly important to us.

5. Expertise you can count on.

Bumblebee Batteries prides itself on delivering years of hybrid battery expertise with every new BeeMax hybrid battery. Our technical team knows hybrid car battery technology inside and out.

If you choose an unknown battery manufacturer for hybrid battery replacement, you are unlikely to find a battery backed by the years of expertise delivered by our team. Instead, you can count on a “buyer beware” environment.