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Toyota Prius hybrid battery replacement

The history of the Toyota Prius stretches back to 1993 when the iconic manufacturer decided to create an eco-friendly low-emission car to reduce its impact on the environment. The car took four years to develop, and in 1997, the world’s first mainstream hybrid vehicle was born. The system featured a host of eco-friendly features, including intelligent power and motor management as well as its regenerative braking system, where energy which would normally be wasted as heat was transformed into electricity used to recharge the battery.

The development of the Prius

Prius drivers could enjoy exceptional petrol-power and were able to travel through cities in a calm manner. CO2 emissions were halved and fuel efficiency was doubled. A new model was issued in 2003 and had an advanced second-generation hybrid system called Hybrid Synergy Drive. It also featured Intelligent Part Assist and Steering Assisted Vehicle Stability Control as well as extra space for families, market-leading audio systems, cruise control and satellite navigation to give just a few examples. The third model was released in 2009 and featured extra high-speed fuel efficiency, a larger engine and low-speed torque. 90% of its components were brand new. Electricity consumption was reduced by 30% due to LED lighting and the car was constructed vie injection moulded eco plastics. Solar-powered roof panels were another big draw.

An evolution

The latest fourth-generation model features Toyota New Global Architecture, better body rigidity and improved suspension as well as smoother power delivery, quicker responses and a sport mode designed to react when drivers’ needs are more demanding. The Prius+ and Prius Plug-in were unveiled in 2012 and used more powerful lithium-ion batteries. Each generation of the Prius has offered lower emissions, extra fuel efficiency, pioneering technology and an even better driver experience to what came before.

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