5 Reasons Why a Hybrid Vehicle is Still a Good Investment

By Bumblebee Batteries

Amidst the changing landscape for automobiles and hybrid technologies options for vehicles also change. Even with differing perspectives on hybrid vehicles and the technologies they are built with, here are 5 reasons why a hybrid car is still a good investment as a purchase.

1. Choice – A Hybrid car is not just a Compact Car Anymore

10 years ago the market for hybrid vehicles consisted of a much smaller selection of vehicles from auto manufacturers, limiting consumer choices. As time passed, hybrid technology has evolved, the result being a wider range car models and choices available.

  • Sports Cars
  • SUVs
  • Mid-sized Sedans
  • Compact Cars

Various auto makers have expanded popular models to include hybrid versions of already popular models such as the Toyota Camry hybrid, Avalon hybrid, Toyota Highlander hybrid and Toyota Prius hybrid.

2. Low Environmental Impact

Even with numerous misconceptions about hybrid vehicles circulating, hybrid vehicles still provide more utility to vehicle owners with less of an impact on the environment.

Add to this, most hybrids now offer zero emission options in most models. The result for consumers is a hybrid does more for the life of the vehicle than other low emission, fuel consuming automobiles.

3. Hybrid Cars are Still the Fuel Conscious Choice

This has always been the obvious reason to invest in a hybrid vehicle. Even when gas prices took a dip earlier this year, critics were quick to suggest the rise of hybrid vehicles was over. What came to the foreground was hybrid sales remained steady and even increased for some models.

To fuel this trend, some auto makers have added incentives for sales by dropping prices for their hybrid vehicles and adding more attractive lease options for customers.

In either case the steady sales of hybrids even during periods of falling gas prices show a basic flaw in assumptions about people’s purchase preferences. So, consumer buying patterns defy expectations sometimes. A hybrid vehicle is still a financially conscious way to purchase a vehicle.

4. Low Maintenance Options for Battery Replacement

One of the criticisms of hybrids is the inevitable battery replacement after 6 or 7 years into being a hybrid vehicle owner. Batteries are hard to find, costly and inconvenient. This is far from true. As we have seen with BumbleBee Batteries, numerous models and years between Honda and Toyota are supported.

Add to this service installations, fast shipping, powerful battery options and authorized dealers across the US and you certainly have greater value in hybrid battery replacement today than 10 years ago.

5. Tax Incentives

Even though some of the original programs (Cash for Clunkers) are no longer around, there are still incentives which can benefit hybrid vehicle owners when it comes to tax time.

While the tax incentives vary for different hybrid vehicles, they typically range from 4,500 to 7,500 depending on the type of vehicle, what state you live in etc.

Be sure to make the most of incentives with your tax resource when you file.


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