What is the Warranty on a Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery?

By Adrian Castillo

Between outstanding fuel efficiency and possible tax credits, driving a Toyota Prius has its benefits. But sooner or later, the day will come for you to replace your vehicle’s hybrid battery, and you should do what you can to avoid that being a stressful situation. If your Prius’ hybrid battery is still under warranty, that can make your life much easier. Why? Because if it’s still covered, you can simply take your car into a local Toyota dealership and have the battery replaced free of charge. It can’t get much more convenient than that, can it?

So, is your Toyota Prius’ hybrid battery still under warranty? That’s the key question, and we have your answer. The answer does depend on your particular Prius, as models made before 2020 have different battery warranties than those made in 2020 or later. The pre-2020 models feature battery warranties that last for 10 years or 150,000 miles in states that have adopted California emission laws and eight years or 100,000 miles in states that adhere to federal regulations. If you have a Prius from 2020 and beyond, you’ll benefit from the full 10-year (or 150,000-mile) warranty.

What If Your Toyota Prius’ Hybrid Battery is No Longer Under Warranty?

If you’re beyond the lifespan of your hybrid battery’s warranty, the next-best course of action is to partner with Bumblebee Batteries. We serve hybrid owners throughout the U.S. with expert mobile battery installations, plus we offer both new and rebuilt Prius batteries depending on what you’re looking for. As hybrid owners ourselves, we know the pain points involved with the battery replacement process, which is why we can be trusted to ensure that your vehicle is taken care of swiftly and effectively.

To learn more about the warranty of your Toyota Prius’ hybrid battery or to find out more about working with us for your replacement needs, contact Bumblebee Batteries today.


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