Types of Batteries in Hybrid Cars

By Adrian Castillo

Whether you currently own a hybrid car or you’re a prospective hybrid owner, it’s important to know what makes these vehicles run. Of course, as the name indicates, these cars have both a hybrid battery and a standard battery that you would find in your typical gas-engine vehicle. These batteries work together to power the vehicle, and through regenerative braking, the hybrid battery’s power is continually being restored. That takes the strain off of the standard battery, which is why these cars need much less gas and offer such great fuel economy. The type of hybrid battery making your car run depends on the make and model, but the following are typically what you can expect to find working in conjunction with your standard auxiliary battery:

Lithium-Ion Battery

Though these batteries are known for being used in laptops and cell phones, their power-to-weight ratio and strong performance at high temperatures make them a strong option for hybrid vehicles.

Nickel Metal Hydride Battery

Nickel metal hydride batteries are more commonly used in the medical field for equipment, but they’ve become frequently used for hybrids as well thanks to their long lifespan and resistance to wear-and-tear.

Lead-Acid Battery

The most cost-effective of the hybrid battery types is the lead-acid battery. These batteries are exceptionally reliable and thanks to their affordability, are extremely common when it comes to hybrid vehicles.

Turn to the Hybrid Battery Experts When It’s Time for a Replacement

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