Two Reasons Your Hybrid Is a Better Choice Compared to the Latest Electric Car

By Bumblebee Batteries

Your Hybrid

In 2012, more than 2 million hybrid vehicles were sold in the U.S., according to Statistic Brain. Since then, the electric car has been popping up in dealerships and on the news with greater frequency. Honda Civic hybrid owners, especially sensitive to the environmental benefits that come with their choice of car, may be wondering if it’s time to upgrade to a fully electric vehicle. Unfortunately, for many consumers, it is still too soon to be jumping feet first into the world of electric cars. It’s important to know that the Honda Civic hybrid IMA still has several advantages over electric cars.

Going the Distance
Hybrid vehicles reduce harmful emissions by between 25% and 35%, which is admirable, but not perfect. The Honda Civic hybrid IMA takes a little bit of the best of both worlds and makes a compromise between gas power, and electric power. Although emissions are still a factor, your hybrid vehicle can travel much farther than a traditional vehicle before it needs fuel. Also, barring any outstanding circumstances, you don’t need to worry about charging up your vehicle, since it does that for itself automatically. On average, fully electric vehicles can only travel for 85 miles per full charge. Most car owners will find these limits on travelling distance incompatible with their lifestyles.

Who’s Got the Power?
As mentioned previously, a Honda Civic hybrid battery lifespan is unlimited in terms of how far you can drive. Regenerative braking means that the battery recharges as you stop and go. While the battery might at some point die, Honda Civic hybrid battery costs are not prohibitive. It shouldn’t be difficult or expensive to get your hybrid back on the road with a new and improved battery. With electric vehicles, you have to find a charging station, and then wait for the charging process to occur. Not only are electric vehicle charging stations limited in number, but the time it takes for a vehicle to charge is, once again, a deal breaker for busy individuals.

The Honda Civic hybrid IMA system may not be perfect, but hybrid technology is constantly being improved. Recently, hybrid enthusiasts have developed replacement batteries that are superior to the originals. These new batteries can increase fuel efficiency and extend the life of the car, making it much easier to be environmentally responsible while electric car technology tries to get up to speed.


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