Top 10 Hybrid Cars

By Bumblebee Batteries

Top 10 hybrid cars

The Honda Hybrid Accord has topped a list of the top ten hybrid cars for 2016 by finance site The Street. The vehicle, which offers 50MPG (city), 45MPG (highway) and 47 combined is amongst the best-selling cars in the US including non-hybrid cars and includes features like a power drivers’ seat and heated mirrors alongside an LCD display, app-based entertainment system, dual zone climate control, alloy wheels and a power moon roof.

Top 10 Hybrid Cars – The runners-up

In second place was the Honda Civic Hybrid, which has a 7-inch touchscreen audio display, rear-view camera, a blind spot camera, Bluetooth connection and a HondaLink information and entertainment system. Just behind was the Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid which offers 45MPG combined, a maximum speed of around 187MPH and a 7-speed transmission alongside push-button start, xenon headlights, vast trunk space and keyless access.

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