Hybrid Car Ownership 101: Tips for Hybrid Car Driving & Maintenance

By Adrian Castillo

There are plenty of reasons why hybrid cars have steadily grown in popularity over the years. The benefits of driving these vehicles are significant, especially when it comes to their outstanding fuel economy, as well as the positive impact they have on the environment and the automobile industry itself. However, whether you’ve owned a hybrid for a long time or you’re still considering whether you want to invest in one, it’s important that you know how to maximize its benefits—and its longevity. Think of this guide as hybrid car ownership 101 and let the experts at Bumblebee Batteries provide you with helpful tips for hybrid car driving and maintenance.

Tips for Hybrid Car Driving: Optimizing Your Vehicle’s Efficiency

When it comes to driving your hybrid car, there are certain factors to keep in mind that will help you enjoy the best fuel economy possible. Of course, these vehicles run with a hybrid battery and a gas-engine battery working seamlessly together. How you drive your car can have an impact on the miles you’re getting per gallon. For one, be sure you’re monitoring your car’s energy usage on your dashboard display. That will help you keep an eye on how efficiently your car is running.

Another key is to go easy on the gas pedal. If you’re the type of driver who wants to go pedal to the metal, your vehicle won’t operate in electric vehicle (EV) mode for long and you’ll instead be consuming a lot of energy and gasoline. Utilizing eco mode and cruise control can help you maintain a steady speed, as can employing the “pulse and glide” technique. This involves accelerating to your desired speed before allowing the vehicle to cruise at that speed and get the most out of its EV mode. Not to mention, gently braking will also help you maximize your fuel economy.

Tips for Hybrid Car Maintenance: Keys to Getting Longevity Out of Your Car

The way you drive your hybrid car is important to the type of performance you get out of it, but how well you maintain your vehicle is the key to the longevity it provides you. Some of the maintenance tips for your hybrid are the same as they would be with any standard vehicle: check your tire pressure regularly, take the car in for its scheduled maintenance, monitor the health of your brakes, and routinely check your vehicle’s engine. On top of those typical practices, there are some tips to keep in mind that are specific to your hybrid.

One of the most important aspects of properly maintaining your hybrid car is knowing how its battery functions. The electric power stored in your hybrid battery is the key to your vehicle’s efficiency, so when it’s cold outside, you need to make sure you’re giving your car enough time to warm up before hitting the road. Not only that, but when you notice that your fuel efficiency is dropping and the car isn’t running as optimally as it once did, you need to invest in a replacement battery. Waiting until the last minute for that replacement can be harmful to the overall health of your car, so it’s important that you take care of it promptly. Of course, the sooner you have the battery replaced, the quicker you can enjoy the full benefits of your hybrid once again.

Know Who to Turn to for a Hybrid Battery Replacement

When the time comes for a hybrid battery replacement, there’s no better team to rely on than Bumblebee Batteries. We offer both new and rebuilt batteries for hybrid owners throughout the U.S., providing unmatched mobile battery installations. To learn more about how we can help with your hybrid battery replacement needs, reach out to us today.


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