Introducing BeeMax™ Toyota Prius Hybrid Replacement Battery

By Bumblebee Batteries

Toyota Prius Hybrid Battery Replacement

Give New Life to your Prius with a BeeMax™ Toyota Prius Hybrid Replacement Battery

Bumblebee Batteries is proud to announce we have added a new premium high-performance replacement hybrid battery to our BeeMax™ family. The BeeMax™ Toyota Prius hybrid replacement battery is now available exclusively from Bumblebee Batteries. It supports all Toyota Prius models from 2004 to 2015.

As the success of the Toyota Prius demonstrates, it is one of the most popular hybrid vehicles ever produced and a much-loved green alternative to traditional combustion engine vehicles. Prius owners appreciate their excellent fuel efficiency, reliability and low cost-of-ownership. However, it is the nature of hybrid technology that eventually the hybrid battery will need to be replaced.Toyota Prius Hybrid replacement battery

With improvements to battery technology, a replacement battery can not only get you back on the road, but breathe new life into your hybrid vehicle. The quality of the replacement battery is critical to maintaining your hybrid’s performance.

Since not all replacement batteries are created equal, it’s important to weigh your options. The BeeMax™ family from Bumblebee Batteries offers hybrid owners a high performance, high quality, lower cost option for a hybrid battery replacement relative to dealer installed options.

The engineers at Bumblebee batteries have worked hard to develop this latest addition to our existing BeeMax™ line to work flawlessly for the Toyota Prius, with the goal of providing the best possible performance, reliability, and longevity possible using all new custom manufactured cells and our proprietary testing and cell-matching technology.

The Bumblebee Batteries Commitment to Quality and Innovation in the Toyota Prius Hybrid Replacement Battery

The BeeMax™ hybrid replacement battery for the Toyota Prius and the Toyota Camry come with a 3-year warranty and are easy to install. Contact us for a list of authorized installers in your area. The battery ships with special reusable packaging so you can easily return your old battery.

BeeMax™ Features

  • BeeMax™ all-new cells feature 25% more plate surface area enabling higher power output.
  • Redesigned positive and negative collectors allowing for highest capacity with lowest resistance in the BeeMax™ replacement hybrid battery.
  • The BeeMax™ has up to 30% longer life expectancy than many OEM hybrid replacement batteries.
  • BeeMax™ hybrid replacement batteries have up to 2.5 more amp-hours of power output than the leading OEM hybrid replacement battery.

In addition to these features, the BeeMax™ is manufactured and tested with proprietary technology and software developed by Bumblebee. You will notice significant improvement in power and acceleration.

Bumblebee Batteries Commitment to Quality

With the quality and satisfaction guarantee BeeMax™ batteries are designed to give your hybrid vehicle new life while bringing you peace of mind with a dependable, no-hassle replacement experience and customer care.

We think you’ll agree Bumblebee is the obvious choice for a reliable hybrid battery replacement for your Toyota Prius.


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