How to Make Your Prius Hybrid Battery Last Longer

By Bumblebee Batteries

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If you are one of the more than four million hybrid car drivers across the USA, you are already on the cutting edge of science, technology and sustainable driving. While you no doubt enjoy all of the benefits of driving a Prius (such as lower costs of fuel and overall safety improvements, not to mention the benefits to the health of the planet), you might experience certain questions and issues over time.

One of these common issues? Hybrid car drivers often have questions about Prius battery replacement, and if it’s possible. They also want to know all of the ways that they can make their Prius Hybrid Battery last longer in order to save money and preserve energy.

A few simple ways to prolong the life of your Prius Hybrid Battery

The Hybrid batteries found in the Prius are comprised of a series of individual modules. The Prius has 28 individual modules that all work together to power the vehicle. In order for your car to work up to its peak performance, each of these individual modules is meant to operate at a temperature no higher than 110 degrees F (43 – 44 degrees C).

If you are driving a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), your car ventilates and cools the battery pack through a system that draws cool air from the passenger compartment into the battery pack, cooling it down and ventilating it so that the car runs smoothly.  

Whether you are driving an entirely electric vehicle or an HEV, you need to treat your hybrid battery like the other components of your vehicle. Ensure that the battery pack cooling system is inspected (and if necessary, cleaned) on an annual basis. You need to think about these following points on a regular basis:

  • Make sure that you have the HEV Battery Pack Cooling System checked, cleaned and certified every year.
  • Every 12 – 15 months (or 15,000 miles / 24,000 km) locate the Cabin Air Filter (a component that is in every motor vehicle, hybrid, electric or traditional) and have it serviced or replaced.
  • If it becomes dirty or clogged, your cabin filter will really affect the air flow to your battery pack, and it won’t be flushed with the cool air that it needs to run effectively.
  • If you notice that your air conditioner is not performing up to par and things are getting a little warm (and sweaty) inside your vehicle, that likely means that your cabin filter isn’t getting enough cool air. Remember – if you’re not feeling cool, neither is your Prius battery. You are wearing it down far faster than need be.

Have you exhausted your battery? It might be time for a Prius Battery Replacement.

If you are driving a hybrid manufactured prior to 2010 you might have seen refurbished models of the necessary battery on the market from aftermarket suppliers. While these certainly look like a great deal, they are not worth the money you would spend.

In many cases, you are buying a fast ticking time bomb; you will be back to buy a new battery before long. These refurbished options are unpredictable, variable, and unreliable. Consumer reports, drivers and dealers alike often cite these ‘refurbished’ models as a waste of time, money and energy.

If you are looking for a better value Prius battery replacement option, you want to ensure that you are buying from a company that replaces ALL cells in a battery (not just the exhausted cells) with brand new, high grade cells. These batteries will keep your electric (or hybrid) vehicle running smoothly and at the top of its game, for a lot less than buying a brand new battery from the manufacturer.

Bumblebee Batteries is committed to protecting the environment – and your bank account – by providing electric car drivers with expertly refurbished Prius batteries that stand the test of time, all for great prices that come in lower than our competitors.


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