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Affordable Hybrid Battery Replacement

Things have certainly looked better for 2009 and 2010 Honda Civic hybrid models.

According to a new study conducted by Consumer Reports, hybrid Civics from those two years are facing battery problems at a “shocking” rate of failure. While it’s widely known that most hybrid car batteries aren’t equipped to last more than six to eight years after purchase, the numbers for the Civic models are looking much worse than that.

As the report puts it, nearly one in three owners said they needed to replace their batteries in the last 12 months. Based on a similar study from 2012, 2009-model hybrid batteries were failing at a rate of one in five while 2010-model batteries were dropped out at one in eight. Now, we’re seeing one in three — a dangerous and costly rate for drivers who figured they were making a more financially sound choice by purchasing a hybrid car.

Affordable Hybrid Battery Replacement

So what’s a driver to do if his or her hybrid battery is on the decline? If you’re lucky, you received some kind of warranty at the time you bought the car. Most modern hybrid warranties cover up to 10 years or 150,000 miles, but older vehicles likely weren’t purchased with that kind of guarantee. For replacement, you could always look to your dealership — if you want an inflated cost of batteries for hybrid cars, that is.

When you choose a dealership replacement, you’re really paying for the expenses incurred in getting the battery and the cost of the labor it took to install it. Those factors will likely up end with the dealership sticking you with a bill that’s well over $3,000. But this is your car, so you just have to belly up and fork over the cash, right?

Wrong. There’s a well-kept secret in the world of hybrid battery replacement and it’s called a third-party battery provider. Not only are the costs lower, but the batteries are more advanced and the warranties tend to be more reliable. That’s because most third-party providers only sell replacement batteries, which means their gear is highly specialized and often rigorously tested before it’s ever properly launched.

Make no mistake: the cost of batteries for hybrid cars can be prohibitive. But it doesn’t always have to be. When you find your Civic Hybrid failing or dropping in power, start scoping out third-party providers to help your car travel another 100,000 miles — warranty or no warranty.


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