How Do Electric Cars Help the Environment?

By Adrian Castillo

Electric cars have become far more prevalent over the years, as more and more car owners are taking notice of the phenomenal benefits these vehicles provide. When you drive an EV (electric vehicle), you can benefit from less expensive and less frequent maintenance, as well as potential tax credits. But the main benefit that EV owners harp on is the positive impact that these cars have on the environment. There’s no doubt that electric cars are more eco-friendly than your standard gas-engine vehicles. But how do electric cars help the environment? Let us break it down for you.

Electricity Is a Renewable Resource

Gas-engine vehicles, of course, run on gasoline. And while oil is a natural resource, it isn’t renewable the way electricity is. Electric cars are easily recharged and don’t require the same amount of resources—or money—to keep running.

Electric Cars Don’t Produce Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions

Electric vehicles don’t need a tailpipe because they don’t produce exhaust. And because they don’t produce exhaust, these cars don’t release harmful emissions. The batteries in EVs can be drained and recharged without impacting air pollution, which means a cleaner environment.

EV Battery Production Is Getting Cleaner

EVs don’t contribute to air pollution on the road, but inconsistencies in battery production have led to a large carbon footprint in the past. However, today’s methods and technology have reduced the carbon footprint that EV batteries have. And as the industry continues to evolve, we’ll see more and more advancements that allow for the safe and clean production of these batteries.

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