Honda Hybrid Confirmed As Best Hybrid Car 2016

By Bumblebee Batteries

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The Honda Accord Hybrid has been named as the best hybrid car 2016 by leading digital financial media company The Street. The vehicle offers 47 combined (city and highway) miles per gallon, and is one of the biggest-selling cars in the US, including non-hybrid vehicles. It offers various attractive features, including heated mirrors, a power driver’s seat, an 8-inch LCD display, an app-based entertainment system, a backup camera, alloy wheels, a power moon roof, lane-drift detector and dual zone climate control. More and more Honda Hybrid owners are heading to when they require replacement batteries.

Passionate about hybrids

If you are the proud owner of a Honda Hybrid and need to buy a spare or replacement battery, we can assist you. We are all passionate hybrid car drivers ourselves and we aim to make life for hybrid owners as smooth as possible, offering excellent customer service and high-performance hybrid batteries that actually improve on the original cells that come with vehicles.

Why buy?

There are of course many great reasons for buying a hybrid vehicle. For instance, you’ll be able to save money on fuel, make a fantastic contribution to the environment, make fewer trips to the gas station and play a role in the advancement and development of the hybrid industry. However, it’s vital to remember that your battery will fail before the end of your car’s life. Therefore, it’s good to know that exceptional replacement batteries are available when your battery’s shelf-life comes to an end. We are constantly developing new ways to take advantage of NiMH cell technology, and all batteries sold by us meet the highest performance and dependability standards.

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You can get in touch with us today by calling 888-968-5005 or by sending a message via our online contact form. We offer replacement hybrid batteries for Honda and Toyota vehicles and we invite you to contact us at any point if you do have any questions about how our batteries work and why they surpass the competition. Take a closer look  at today if you do need a replacement battery for your Honda Hybrid.












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