How Does Weather Affect Hybrid Car Batteries?

By Adrian Castillo

Driving a hybrid vehicle comes with a wealth of benefits. From the outstanding fuel efficiency to the contributions you’re making toward a greener environment and better car industry, it’s a great investment to make. But like any car, your hybrid is going to have its drawbacks. For one, the weather and overall climate you live in may have an impact on the performance of your vehicle.

If you’ve noticed that your hybrid car gets better mileage in the summer than it does in the winter, there’s a reason for that. The batteries used in today’s hybrid cars have lower capacities when outdoor temperatures drop. This is the opposite of your standard gas-powered car, as those always feel like they have a little extra power on colder mornings due to the lower temperatures of the gasoline. So, why does cold weather affect hybrid car batteries? Let Bumblebee Batteries explain.

The Effects That Cold Weather Has on Hybrid Car Batteries

When winter comes around and you’re out driving your hybrid, your mileage is going to decrease. But why? Well, the vehicle will need to spend more time and energy to recharge its battery, given its reduced capacity. The result is more energy spent and, of course, less saved. In fact, the colder the temperatures outside are, the worse your fuel efficiency can be. Temperatures lower than 20 degrees Fahrenheit can lower a hybrid’s fuel economy by as much as 30% to 34%, according to So, depending on the climate you live in, you may want to keep this all in mind.

Can Warmer Weather Affect Hybrid Car Batteries, Too?

Conversely, if you exclusively drive your hybrid vehicle in a warm climate—such as states like Arizona and California—your hybrid battery may be used more than it would be in colder areas. The result could be more frequent battery failure. This is part of the reason it’s often suggested that you use your car’s air conditioning in the summer months so that your battery stays reasonably cool.

What to Do When It’s Time to Replace Your Hybrid Car Battery

Whether your hybrid battery has been worn down by the cold or warm climate you live in, there will come a day when you need to invest in a replacement. And when that time comes, it’s important to know who to call: Bumblebee Batteries. Based out of Gresham, Oregon, we serve hybrid owners all over the U.S. with battery replacement services, offering new and rebuilt options from all of the top models from the likes of Toyota, Honda, Ford, Chevrolet, Lexus, GMC, and Nissan.

Bumblebee Batteries takes great pride in working with hybrid owners all over the country. Our mobile battery installation services are phenomenal, and if you’re local to our Gresham shop, we’d love for you to stop by. As hybrid owners ourselves, we know the pain points associated with a battery replacement. That’s why we aim to make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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