Do Hybrids Really Save Money?

By Adrian Castillo

Do Hybrids Really Save Money?If you’re considering investing in a hybrid vehicle, you’re probably wondering—do hybrids really save money? Ever since the production of hybrids started becoming more and more widespread, cases have been made on both sides. While there may not be a universally agreed-upon answer, it’s hard to disagree with the answer being a resounding “yes.” But before you move forward to sign anything immediately, you should make sure you understand the big picture that leads us to that resounding “yes.”

How Do Hybrids Really Save Money?

When you’re evaluating your hybrid vehicle options, you might notice that the price premiums that you’ll have to pay are high. That can beg the question of how paying more to own a hybrid will save any money. Of course, the true savings come with the exceptional fuel economy that these vehicles feature. Because the engine serves as a power generator and due to the process of regenerative braking, these hybrids burn through fuel at a much lower rate than your standard vehicle. The ultimate result is savings at the gas pump.

Now, the savings at the gas pump won’t reimburse the money you spent on the hybrid right away, but over time, you’ll be able to recoup whatever you may have sacrificed to pay the higher premium. And while some argue the cost of a replacement battery will be even more of a blow to your wallet, paying the price for one every six to eight years doesn’t compare to the tax incentives that accompany your investment in a new hybrid. So, as long as you’re not expecting to see savings immediately upon your purchase, this is an investment that you’ll certainly see pay off in the long run.

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