Do Hybrid Cars Require More Maintenance?

By Adrian Castillo

Do Hybrid Cars Require More Maintenance?“Do hybrid cars require more maintenance?” is a common question among people who have reservations about potentially investing in a new hybrid vehicle. Cost is always a big factor in deciding whether to purchase anything, but it’s perhaps even more of a consideration when it comes to hybrids because, yes, you will have to pay more up front than you would if you were buying a conventional gas-engine vehicle. But a decision has to be made: Are the long-term savings worth paying a bit more up front?

Typically, the answer to that question is yes, considering maintenance costs for hybrid cars are really no more burdensome than those of other vehicles. A hybrid’s gas engine requires the same maintenance that a standard car’s engine does, so there’s nothing added there. Plus, because the gas engine is shut down when the electric motor is running, it experiences less wear and tear. And with regenerative braking, brake pads and brakes also last longer. So, with no more required maintenance than a typical gas-engine vehicle combined with the outstanding fuel efficiency benefits, you’re experiencing a net positive in the long run.

A Hybrid Car’s Biggest Maintenance Cost

While the savings largely outweigh the drawbacks of owning a hybrid car, you will eventually have to invest in a hybrid battery replacement. However, that’s a cost you should only have to deal with every decade or so, as most batteries are built to provide exceptional longevity. So, in the long run, it’s still safe to say that hybrid cars require just about the same maintenance that a traditional gas-engine vehicle does.

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