Do Hybrid Cars Have Two Batteries?

By Adrian Castillo

Do Hybrid Cars Have Two Batteries?If you’re the proud owner of a hybrid car—or if you’re about to be—it’s important that you know how it works. One of the basics to know about how a hybrid runs is that it has two different batteries—there’s an electric battery and a 12-volt lead-acid battery. Of course, the two work together, as that is what makes the vehicle a hybrid rather than a standard gas-engine car or a fully electric vehicle. And knowing the roles that these two batteries play is important, as it will help you when the time ultimately comes for a hybrid battery replacement.

The Two Batteries in Your Hybrid Work Seamlessly Together

The electric and lead-acid batteries transition so seamlessly between one another that the switch is virtually unnoticeable. Both are extremely important to the operation of the vehicle, but they are certainly different in terms of their roles. The electric battery, which is the differentiator between a hybrid and a standard gas-engine vehicle, is the primary battery. It recharges through a process called regenerative braking, which involves the car’s kinetic energy being converted back to stored energy when the brakes are applied.

The lead-acid battery, on the other hand, is like any car’s battery—it needs gasoline. But what makes a hybrid so different—and so fuel-efficient—is the fact that it is only gas-powered part of the time. That means fewer emissions are negatively impacting the environment, as well as fewer trips to the gas station are needed. In other words, you’re helping to save the planet and your wallet at the same time!

Finding a Hybrid Battery Replacement When the Time Comes

There will eventually come a time when you need to replace your hybrid battery, and when that day arrives, there’s no better company to turn to than Bumblebee Batteries. We offer both new and rebuilt batteries for a variety of top hybrid models from the likes of Toyota, Nissan, and Honda. Plus, you don’t even have to be local to our Gresham, Oregon, shop to partner with us, as we also facilitate mobile installations!

For more information about the different batteries within a hybrid vehicle and how we can help when you need a hybrid battery replacement, contact Bumblebee Batteries today.


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