Car Batteries: Hybrid vs. Traditional

By Adrian Castillo

Whether you’re new to being a hybrid vehicle owner or you’ve simply never fully grasped how your hybrid runs, it’s important to know the basics about your hybrid battery. You may wonder how a hybrid battery is different from a traditional car battery, and the answer is that there are plenty of differences—with some similarities. Let Bumblebee Batteries break down the specifics for you!

Traditional Car Batteries

If you’ve always owned a standard gas-engine car, you likely know how the battery works. While it powers components of your car like its radio and lights, the battery’s main function is to start the engine of your vehicle. Once your engine is running, your car is powered by gasoline.

Hybrid Car Batteries

Hybrid vehicles run with two batteries: a traditional battery and a hybrid battery. The hybrid battery connects to the motor of your car and helps it run. The primary difference between the hybrid and traditional batteries is that the hybrid battery can be recharged continuously as you’re driving. Through a process called regenerative braking, this battery is charged as the vehicle’s kinetic energy is converted to stored energy when you press down on the brakes. The other major difference is the lifespan, as hybrid batteries can last up to 10 years as opposed to the six years that traditional batteries typically last.

Know Who to Turn to for a Hybrid Battery Replacement

When the time does come for you to find a new hybrid battery, Bumblebee Batteries is the team to call. We offer both new and rebuilt hybrid batteries for hybrid owners throughout the entire country. Our products are second to none and our process is convenient, plus our commitment to customer care is unwavering. When you rely on us for your hybrid battery replacement, you’ll be glad you did.

If now is the time to replace your vehicle’s hybrid battery, contact Bumblebee Batteries today.


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