Can I install a hybrid battery in a Honda Insight myself?

By Bumblebee Batteries

At Bumblebee Batteries, our clients often ask us the following questions:

“How difficult is it to install a hybrid battery in a Honda Insight? Can I do it myself?” The answers to these questions are –“Not difficult at all (with the right information), and absolutely you can!”

While this procedure is safe when done correctly, working with any high voltage circuitry does come with inherent risks. Please make sure you take all recommended precautions throughout the process.

We’ve written this article to give help walk you through the process, and we have embedded a handy video that will give you some visual help along the way. Let’s get started!

How long will it take me to install a hybrid battery?

While the entire process will likely take you 2 to 3 hours, it is always a good idea to budget at least 4 hours for the task. That way you won’t feel rushed, and you can take your time to get it right.

Remember – this will involve a bit of heavy lifting, so you should have someone on hand to give you some help.

What tools do you need to install a hybrid battery?

· Box cutter – to open the package
· Metric ratchet set (you’ll use the 8mm, 10mm and 12mm sockets)
· And 8 inch (or longer) extension)
· 8mm and 10mm wrenches
· Torx T30 star bit
· Philips and flathead screwdrivers
· Voltmeter

Optional (but helpful) tools:

· Needle nosed pliers
· Trim removal tool
· Drivers (for removing bolts, not for installing)
· Plastic baggies and tape to keep things organised!

Besides the instructions below, we have also prepared this very detailed video:


First, unpack the battery

Open up the box that contains your new battery, but be sure that you don’t damage the box, as you can use it to send back the old one (you’ll find the return shipping label underneath). Enlist some help to remove the heavy battery! Cut the tape fastening the bubble wrap with a box cutter, but save the wrap to reuse. Remove and save all of the packing foam – you will need it for later.

All of the steps you will need to follow to remove the old battery:

1. Disconnect and turn off the batteries.
2. Remove the plate on the rear of the passenger side.
3. Move on to the main cover plate.
(Top tip here – It’s a great idea to store all of your loose bolts in a plastic baggy so that you don’t misplace any, and you can tape the baggy to the corresponding panel so that you always remember where they came from.)
4. Remove the plastic trim around the doors and seatbelts.
5. Pull back the carpet from the crossbar.
6. Remove the main cover plate by lifting straight up, and pulling out diagonally.
7. Remove air duct bolt near passenger seat.
8. Remove all Styrofoam covers (and save them).
9. Safety step – use a voltage meter to test voltage of the thick wires bolted to batteries on driver’s side. Since the battery is off, you should see very little voltage here. If you see more than 10 volts, stop work.
10. Unbolt bolts and grounding wire, as well as nylon clip.
11. Once wires are off of the battery, you can start unplugging connectors from the computers.
12. Unbolt computer rack.
13. Unbolt metal brace towards front of the car (you cannot remove it, but you can push it out of the way).
14. Once everything is disconnected from the battery, remove the grounding bolts holding it in place.
15. Flip the computers out of the way, and remove metal rack.
16. Remove final 2 mounting bolts.
17. Now you can remove the battery from the car, but remember that it is very heavy, and you will need a helper (keep a sturdy table nearby).
18. Remove fan assembly from old battery.

Installing your new Bumblebee Battery

1. Ensure that it is in the off position, and use a volt meter to check that it is less than 10 volts.
2. Now, everything is simply a reversal of what you did to remove the battery! You just need to reverse the order of the steps above. Follow the embedded video for a step by step visual aid.
3. Ensure that you hand tighten all bolts so that you do not accidentally over tighten or strip them.

Make sure to watch the video for full instructions!


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