Benefits of the Honda Civic Hybrid Battery

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Honda Civic Hybrid Battery

Help is at hand if you wish to purchase a Honda civic battery. At Bumblebee Batteries, we can provide the perfect solution if you have faced difficulty in obtaining a battery from an aftermarket supplier or if you do not wish to pay the high prices attached to OEM batteries. Our batteries eclipse the quality of original batteries, and we work hard to make the process of replacing a battery a stress free experience. Nearly all hybrid vehicle owners will have to replace their battery at some point. This is due to the fact that vehicles nearly always outlive the cells that they come with. Most drivers have to think about replacing their batteries after around six years or so. If you do wish to obtain advice about replacing your battery effectively and affordably, we are waiting to hear from you.

Do you need your P-codes read?

Our replacement batteries are designed to prolong the life of your car whilst enhancing power and performance levels. So, how do you know when you do need to make a replacement? There are many signs to look for that mean it’s time to act. If your IMA light is on at the same time as your check engine light, you will probably need to look for a new battery. To confirm that a replacement needs to be made, you need to have your P-codes read. Your P-codes can be found on the on-board computer and codes P1447, P1449 or P1433 normally mean that you have a maximum of 10% of your battery left. Other symptoms include strange behaviour from your old IMA system. For instance, your battery gauge may suddenly switch from empty to full.

All cells replaced

Unlike many of our competitors, we replace all 120 cells in your Honda Civic Hybrid battery. Some companies only replace the faulty cells, which means other cells could be about to fail. This means we can offer you the peace of mind that other suppliers cannot. All new cells are of the highest grade.

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