Aftermarket vs. OEM Hybrid Batteries – Which Are Better?

By Adrian Castillo

Aftermarket vs. OEM Hybrid BatteriesIf you’re like most hybrid owners, you take a lot of pride in your vehicle. And why shouldn’t you? Hybrids allow for fewer trips to the gas station thanks to their fuel economy, plus they’re better for the environment than standard vehicles due to lower emissions. There is plenty of upside when it comes to driving a hybrid, and more and more car owners throughout the country have taken notice of that fact in recent years.

Of course, like with any car, you’re going to need a replacement battery at some point in the future. And considering how much you love your hybrid vehicle, you’ll want to invest in the best possible battery, right? You’ll have your pick of many potential replacements on the market, but there’s a distinction that you’ll notice as you do your research: Aftermarket batteries vs. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) batteries. Which are better? Contrary to what you may be led to believe, there are a lot of benefits that come with shopping for aftermarket batteries. Allow us to break it down and make your decision an easier one.

Misconceptions Regarding Aftermarket Hybrid Batteries

It’s widely believed that OEM batteries are the best choice for your hybrid vehicle because there’s no quality variation and you know exactly what you’re getting: excellence. That’s certainly true, of course, as original manufacturers have their own set of strict standards to follow before their batteries hit the market. You won’t have to worry. However, aftermarket batteries can be—and often are—better than those of the OEM variety. As long as you do your proper research, you’ll be able to find a company that sells aftermarket batteries that are expertly crafted and guaranteed to provide outstanding long-term performance.

Some believe that investing in aftermarket batteries instead of OEM batteries will also keep you from getting any kind of warranty or protection for your investment. That’s not necessarily true either, as reputable aftermarket companies often back their products with a warranty of their own.

The Benefits of Investing in Aftermarket Batteries & Knowing Who to Partner With

When you find a professional, well-respected company that sells and installs aftermarket hybrid batteries, you’ll reap plenty of benefits. Not only can you find products that are better than those from original manufacturers, but these products are also typically less expensive. Not having to break the bank and still getting a high-caliber battery should sound awfully good, especially if you can get a warranty along with it.

You can receive all of that and more when you turn to Bumblebee Batteries. Our BeeMax batteries possess a life expectancy that is up to 30% longer than that of OEM batteries, plus they have up to 2.5 more amp-hours of power output than top OEM batteries. Truly, partnering with Bumblebee Batteries for your replacement needs is a no-brainer.

To learn more about deciding between aftermarket and OEM hybrid batteries, or to find out more about the batteries we have to offer, contact Bumblebee Batteries today.


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