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Trouble with your hybrid battery? Is your IMA light on? Here’s what you need to know about hybrid battery replacement, diagnosis, and repair. Learn more 

Restore your Honda or Ford hybrid to better-than-new performance with our premium BeeMax™ hybrid battery for less than dealer cost! Learn more 

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Bumblebee Batteries are the smart choice for Honda and Ford hybrid battery replacement. We offer free shipping anywhere in the continental United States excluding Canada, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Welcome to Bumblebee Batteries! The empowering choice for hybrid battery replacement.

Bumblebee Batteries sells high-performance hybrid battery replacement packs for Honda IMA systems and Ford hybrid cars, including the Honda Insight, Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda Accord hybrid, and Ford Escape Hybrid. We’re on a mission to bring peace of mind to hybrid car owners with premium quality products and friendly, dependable customer care.

Only Bumblebee Batteries has extreme-precision 16-bit cell matching using our own proprietary technology. We go far beyond "good" and "bad" cell analysis, giving you a better balanced, better performing, and more reliable hybrid battery.


Quality and Commitment At Bumblebee Batteries, your peace of mind is our first concern.

For hybrid owners, buying a replacement hybrid battery shouldn’t feel like a roll of the dice. Replacement hybrid battery packs from Bumblebee Batteries for the Honda Insight, Honda Civic Hybrid, Honda Accord Hybrid, Honda CR-Z and Ford Escape Hybrids give you amazing performance and durability, and include a total-assurance, fully transferable warranty, with extended warranty options. No one else can match the performance and reliability of our BeeMax™ replacement hybrid battery thanks to Bumblebee's proprietary, 16-bit extreme-precision smart cell-matching technology.

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  • Wow! Received my new pack on Monday, installed it today. No matter how much you read about what a difference it makes, you just can’t imagine it, you must experience it for yourself. It really puts life back into the car. I can now get up to highway speed quickly which is rather important as I pull out of my driveway directly onto a major US highway. I can’t seem to get the big grin off my face.


    – Kent D., Arkansas

  • I just wanted to let you know that I had my new BeeMax battery installed this past Friday, and it’s lovely to have the spring back in my car’s step! I even noticed that it went into Auto Stop a couple times on my way back from the shop, which it never used to do in the cold. Thanks very much for all of your help throughout the buying process – great doing business with you!


    – Brian P., Marlborough, MA

  • I want to commend the people at Bumblebee batteries. They friendly and knowledgable people not only called me on a Saturday, but they were tremendously helpful in getting my hybrid battery up and running. The power from this battery really needs to be felt, not described. My 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid has new life, and the return process for the old battery was quick and easy. Thanks for making this an enjoyable experience. This battery is definitely a quality product!


    – Mark M., Ohio


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